Hi y’all!

Welcome to One Girl One Journey, a personal blog about the road to becoming a nurse and all of the struggles and triumphs in between. This blog is certainly catered towards students and people who are struggling with school, but I want this blog to appeal to the masses, which is why I will be discussing multiple topics about a wide variety of things in life. At 21 I hope to share what little life experience I do have with others and hope to gain insight and feedback from others in the process. I encourage you to share this blog with whomever you desire! I also encourage you to email or direct message me on social media with comments, concerns, questions, or topic suggestions! I am always looking to see what types of things interest people and I can only do that with the help of the public: YOU! With all that being said please remember that these blogs reflect my ideas and opinions only. They are not right, wrong, or even true or false…they are simply my thoughts. Please feel free to share constructive criticism with me, but please keep it compassionate and hate free! I will avoid certain topics such as religion, politics, and drama in the world.

With all that being said welcome to One Girl One Journey…Happy Reading!


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